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Harley Davidson Optional Colors
Green XLCH
Cascade Green FL
British Racing Green

Special Color
Satin Silver Metallic Atlanta GA. Police Dept.
Ermine White

Sparkeling Blue GE & FL
Indego Metallic
Nugget Gold
Tropical Green
Alamosa Aqua Special Color
Dulux Aqua Special XLCH
Alamo Beige Centralia Washington
Beige Mexico D.F.
Pebble Beige Special Color
Biscuit Easton PA.
Black Mink Metallic Special Color
Charcoal Metallic Special Color
Blue Rochester Police Dept.
Blue Indonesia Air Force
Blue Chicago & Alabama Police Dept.
Blue Smithfield, NC Police Dept.
Blue Nassau Police Dept.
Blue Honolulu Police Dept.
Blue Nashville Police Dept.
Blue FL
Admiralty Blue Special Blue
Alaska Blue FLB & GE
Athenian Blue FL Special Color
Barrier Blue Nevada Highway Patrol
Belmont Metallic Blue Hamelton, Ontario Police Dept.
Blue FL, XLCH Special Color
Cobalt Blue New Orleans Police Dept.
Dark Blue Mass State Police
Dark Blue Fort Wayne Police
Dark Blue Sheboygan Police Dept.
DuPont Blue Hackensach Police Dept.
Ensign Metallic Commercial Use
Export Blue
Frost Blue Metallic Special Color
Grabber Blue XLH
jewel Blue Tampa Police Dept.
Lagoon Blue Geneva, Switz.
Light Blue Mass State Police
Light Blue Special Color
Marina Blue FL
Marlin Blue Newburgh, NY Police Dept.
Medium Metallic Muskegon Police Dept.
Melody Blue Puerto Rico Police Dept.
Midnight Mist Blue XLCH
Nassau Blue
Nocturn Blue Boston Police
Nordic Blue XLCH
Pepsi-Cola Blue FLHFB
Royal Blue Jordan
Royal Blue Metallic

Cedar Rapids, IA.
Sea Foam Blue Springfield Mass Police Dept.
Silver Blue Fort Wayne Police Dept.
Starlight Blue Kingman AZ. Police Dept.
Wedgewood Blue GE Tanks
Windward Blue Metallic Special Color
Turbine Bronze Metallic FL
Burnish Brown Metallic XLH
Cordoba Brown Special Color
Copper Mist FL Special Color
Coppertone Macon GA. Police Dept.
Coppertone Metallic 1965 Macon GA. Police
Dark Copper FL
Cranberry Special Color
Cream Florida Highway Patroal
Cream Reno Nevada
Cream Indonesia Navy
Cream Medium FLB Special Color
Picador Cream Orlando Police Dept.
Antique Gold XLCH Special
Kolndike Gold Newburgh NY Police Dept.
Medium Grey Gold Metallic Louiville Police Dept.
Grey Fairfax VA. Police Dept. 1954
Birch Grey Springfield Mass Police Dept. 1949
Feather Grey Plaquemine LA. Police Dept.
Silver Grey Metallic
Cadet Grey

Pomona CA. Police Dept. 1954
Green St. Pettersburg Fl. Police Dept.
Green Jersey City Police Dept
Green GE Tanks and Fender
Cyprus Green Metallic Dunedin FL. Police Dept.
Forest Green GE
Fountain Green Vietnam
Green Mist Metallic 11 FLs and XLCH
Mountain Green Wilmette ILL. Police Dept.
Parade Green Mass Turnpike Authority
Sea Foam Green Hemmeger HD Sales
Sea Foam Green FLH FB Special Color
Silvermined Green Duval County Police Dept.
Velvet Green Metallic Kemper, Omaha Police Dept.
Willow Mist Green Santa Rosa Police Dept.
Woodland Green Orange County FL. Police Dept.
Light Fern Mist Green Hall, LaFay Ind. Police Dept.
Lavender Metallic
Wysteria Lavender
Lilac Green Kegel Rockford, Ill.
Maroon Kuait
Empire Maroon FKL Special Color
Honduras Maroon Metallic 1961
Milano Maroon FL Special Color
Orange Nassau Police Dept.
Orange Whittier CA.
Burnt Orange FL Special Color
Burnt Orange Metallic Special Color
Omaha Orange Jersey City STR. DEN.
Sunset Glow (Pink)
Plum Metallic 1960's Special Color
Plum Mist XLCH
Red Shriner Egypt Temple
Red Lexington, KY.
Red Indonesia
Red Pittsburg PA Police Dept.
Red Shrine Tampa FL.
Red FL Special Color
Blaze Red Wilkes Barre Police Dept.
Bright Red Special Color
Coca-Cola Red Louisiana State Police
Monte Carlo Red Indianapolice Dealer
Monzer Red FL Special
Redwood Metallic Drager-Seattle WA.
Regal Red XLCH
Fenders Silver Nevada Highway Patrol
Inca Silver L.A. Sheriffs Dept.
Silver Pearl FL Special Color
Tan C.H.P. 2 Tone FL
Cabalerro Tan Special Color
C.H.P. Tan C.H.P. FL
Azure Turquoise Special Color
Seafoam Metallic Special Color
Teal Turquoise XLH