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Black and Orlando Orange 1941 UL
Another professional restoration by Harbor Vintage.

1941 UL Harley Davidson Manufacturer of Reproduction Parts for Antique and Vintage American Made Motorcycles

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John Pierce ColorWrite

"Because it costs the same to do it right the first time!"

Proprietor: John Pierce AMCA # 1902

        After nearly Forty years in the automotive paint industry and thousands of hours of research, we have documented in excess of Three Hundred colors for Antique American made Motorcycles. In fact, we are only missing a handful of colors that Harley Davidson used from 1904 to 1970.

        The product we offer is a modern quality paint duplicating the original color. They are mostly available in DuPont Single Stage and Basecoat-Clearcoat formulas. Metallics are available in Basecoat-Clearcoat Only. Most Solid Colors are available in Single Stage or Basecoat/Clearcoat.

        Along with Standard color offerings, we have uncovered numerous other factory color offerings.

Regarding Optional Colors:

        We have found that once a color is made available, from that point forward it is available as an optional color. Further, We have found several shades of the same color varying by the paint manufacturer, I.E. Birch White has been supplied by Wurdack, Cook, DuPont, PPG, and Midland. All vary slightly in hue. We Have all five variations.

What We Offer:

        In addition to about 300 original motorcycle colors in modern urethane finish, we offer the following services:

Color Matching

        Computerized Spectrometer cameras only provide a blendable match. With an accurate sample, we can usually adjust colors as needed using color maps, a spectrometer, and a good old fashioned trained eye.

Refinish Procedures

        If you can't find a shop to paint or repair your metalwork, we do both.

Bright Work Repair and Straightening Prior to Chrome Plating

        Many Chrome platers and polishers do not offer straightening or repair of parts prior to plating. We can tig, pick, and file your parts as well as provide plating. Our work has appeared at numerous concours shows including Pebble Beach.

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