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Frequently Asked Questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions:
Question Why should I buy this paint instead of color matching with a local supplier?

Answer A paint spectrometer, used by paint dealers to measure color and intensity, has an accuracy rate of 40%. Our colors have been meticulously researched and matched from original sources, such as unopened tins of OEM paint, original dealer paint chips, and untouched bike areas, such as under gaskets or covers. We have done all the research for you and provide a high quality, consistently reliable custom blended paint.

Question How do I choose between single-stage and 2-stage if both are available for my color?

Answer The application process is the biggest difference; Single stage is the color coat only, while 2-stage is a color coat that requires a clear coat finish. Clear protects metallic colors. The colors are formulated to account for the tint that the clear coat casts.

Question Can I paint the bike myself, or should I have a professional do it?

Answer Pierce Color Write offers professional refinishing service. Call for Details. The ideal situation for applying paint is a clean dry environment with bright lighting and appropiate ventilation. A professional paint booth satisfys these needs. A professional painter will have the necessary painting and related finishing tools, as well as the experiance needed to avoid drips, runs, and other defects in the finish. A modern 1.4 HVLP fluid-nozzel paint gun set at 40-50 PSI at the gun handle will provide the best application.

Question What if I have the proper equipment etc. and still want to paint the bike myself?

Answer Pierce Color Write offers free phone tech support with a paint purchase, assuming I am available to take your call.

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